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Integrated Software for Food Courts

Hassle free operational POS solution that is as lite as your business model is. Gives you measurable results, by handling costs, while enhancing your counter management process.

Touch POS

Touch POS enhances your customer handling experience by providing:

Key Business Benefits

  • Employee Enjoyable Touch Interface
  • Integrated Payment solutions supporting multiple payment modes such as Credit/Debit card, Cash, Coupon, Gift voucher etc, that reduces the bill processing time
  • Grouping of Tables based on Price or Order type
  • Printing of menus in respective kitchens based on grouping such as Veg, Non-Veg etc.
  • Need based configuration available for steward, waiter, table and items
  • Un-tangled business closure at the end of the day
  • Efficient Till Management for record maintenance, from sales to cash
  • Configurable Menu interface that supports parametric search such as using Menu code, Menu name, Menu alias and so on
  • Flexible Order Taking process customizable to each item based on modifiers, toppings, shapes, style, design etc., as add-ons

Recipe Management

Manage your Recipe Bank by mapping your tasty dishes to precious recipes, and your precious recipes to their relevant ingredients in different UOMs (Unit of Measurement). Helps you arrive at accurate net recipe cost based on the cost of the ingredients utilized and additional costs such as gas, manpower etc.

Key Features

  • Recipe Bank that captures a Recipe down to its relevant ingredients
  • Create Recipes out of Recipes (usage of one recipe as an Ingredient in another recipe)
  • Create your own 'Food Costing Report' for a specific variance
  • Dynamically create recipes with features such as substitutes, modifiers, style, design etc.
  • Drill down on the exact recipe cost, based on the utilization and wastage at the end of the day
  • Track your effective 'Ingredient Utilization', based on factors such wastage etc.
  • Supports different UOMs for different ingredients such as KG, gram, liter, ml, piece etc.
  • Manage Central kitchen recipes such as Ice Cream, Cake etc. and Live kitchen recipes such as Coffee, Pizza etc.

CRM & Promotions

Personalize benefits to your customers by effectively managing your many 'customer touch-points' through loyalty programs and promotions.

Key Features

  • Create combos for guests based on their tastes, preferences, and buying behaviour
  • Customer Profiling â?? go beneath the market noise and touch individual customers by delivering personalized services such as Promotional SMS's, Birthday greetings, etc.
  • Reinforce your promise to your loyal customers by surprising them with Gift vouchers, Discount coupons, etc. leading up to redemption of loyalty schemes
  • Manage 64 varieties of promotional schemes based on different combinations such as product and/or category groups
  • Manage Happy hours/days with proper validations
  • Manage promotions based on customer segments such as corporate,individual,regular etc.

Procurement & Supply Chain

This module helps you handle procurement and supply chain process by providing an interface that seamlessly integrates your inward and outward goods movement

Key Features

  • Automate reorder process based on parameters such as current stock, re-order level, indent received from stores, etc.
  • Optimize your inventory level from each supplier through data dynamics such as previous purchase history, product turnaround time, etc.
  • Exercise control over each Purchase Order and Goods Inwards Note, with relevant checks to manage excess or short supply
  • Supports for Cash, Credit, Replacement and Consignment purchase types
  • Easy conversion of PO, GIN, Receipt note to purchase
  • Extend Purchase Invoice life support – keep 'unverified' purchase invoices on hold till the discrepancies are solved
  • Dynamically adjust damages and returns at the time of purchase entry
  • Enrich your purchase order with user defined calculations such as discount, tax, freight charge, coolie, etc. for posting the 'accurate' amount to the ledger

Inventory Management

Accurately forecast your inventory requirements and achieve increased capacity utilization with our inventory processing module that helps you avoid shortages and excess inventory positions

Key Features

  • Material consumption and wastage reports with utilized ingredient's batch prices
  • Calculate your current inventory value based on standard costing methods such as weighted average or average purchase cost
  • Easily track purchases bought from different vendors at different purchase costs, and buy from the right supplier at right cost. This leads to efficient purchase management.
  • Accurately measure pilferage through day-end auditing process
  • Efficiently manage your Assembly (Coffee, Pizza) and Kit (Ice Cream, Cake) functions
  • Ease out your stock taking activity by scheduling your daily, weekly, or, monthly, procurement plans with our physical stock audit methods
  • Stock outflow method supported FIFO and LIFO

Business Intelligence

Designed to dive into data metrics, the Business Intelligence module can sift through enormous volumes of data and provide you insights out of mundane analytics.

Key Features

  • Get up-to-date information on Top N recipe sales, Customers, Suppliers, in our interactive Dashboard, with minimal effort
  • Keep track of your growth plans by monitoring order, delivery, and, customer, movements over specific time periods
  • Detailed purchase analysis for a given period based on product categorization
  • Ingredients Utilization analysis helps you make better purchase decisions
  • Accurate closure reports and business flash cards helps you monitor day-end transaction status

Order & Delivery Management

Perfected for diverse business models ranging from Fine Dining restaurants to Quick Service restaurants, this module helps you manage the delivery process with ease

Key Features

  • Increase your order taking capability and reach more customers, through our centralized Call center module
  • Insure your order taking process from human errors by capturing order specific details such as delivery date/time, special requirements and advance receipt details, etc.
  • Manage and track door delivery process by properly assigning drivers or delivery boys

Financial Accounting

A comprehensive financial management module that not only handles your daily accounting chores, but also eliminates the need for having a separate accounting software, and thus, pitfalls associated with multiple recordings of transaction.

Key Features

  • Supports Business Budgeting, Cash Flow and Fund Flow analysis
  • Get accurate status on cash and bank balance using Bank Reconciliation Statement(BRS)
  • Print account statements and Cheques from financial books such as ledger, journals etc. with Easy Print design tool
  • Age-wise outstanding for customers and suppliers to help you to have better visibility
  • Auto schedule your periodical book posting activities like rent entry
  • Manage your receivables and payables, and efficiently track deposited, bounced and post-dated Cheques using Cheque management module
  • Supports multiple currencies, as well as voucher entries such as journal, contra, receipt, payment etc.
  • Flexible user interface for entering opening balance for suppliers and other ledger accounts


This solution is perfect for diverse business models ranging from Fine Dining restaurants to Quick Service restaurants. This module helps you manage the production process and optimal use of materials with ease.

Key Features

  • Production planning can be managed and tracked
  • Bill of material can be generated based on production planning.
  • Calculation of accurate costing of production with respective to material issued.


Sanguine Software solutions are 100% secure. It gives you complete control of the operations of the software. You can authorize or restrict users based on their role to access sensitive data depending on your organizational needs. The authorization & access control on software can be configured based either on role or user.

Key Features

  • Map the access to specific screens or processes to respective roles such as cashier, supervisor, manager and administrator
  • Role based access can have exceptions attached to it
  • Role based secure access has multiple levels of security that can be controlled very flexibly
  • Restrict the access of users to specific screens. For example, user doing bill entry will have no access to the reports or accounts section
  • Define the user based access to restricted screens or functionality within the screen
  • Set password for login to individual screens within user's control

SCM Solution Architecture

Sanguine multi-location business management solution is a web-based, easy-to-use software that allows you to monitor branch-wise sales, purchase, inventory, receivables and profits etc. from a central location.

Sanguine Supply Chain Management (SCM) Solution Architecture

Sanguine Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Sanguine supply chain management gives you the Real-time business status at HQ from about every point of sale. The Supply Chain Management software helps you in consolidating the data from your various branches into one system and do an integrated analysis of sales, inventory and purchase. It helps you in controlling expenses, decreasing costs and increasing your profits.

  1. Food court
  2. Touch POS
  3. Recipe Management
  4. CRM & Promotions
  5. Procurement & Supply Chain
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Business Intelligence
  8. Order & Delivery Management
  9. Financial Accounting
  10. Production
  11. Security
  12. SCM Solution Architecture
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