Sales Order - BOM relation supports the demand in change of BOM from your Customers

Weight based Inventory to manage your Steel etc.

Workflow Diagram


Features Of WebStocks ERP

  • 100% WEB Based ERP
  • No Client Installations (No Maintenance)
  • Fully Customisable Application with Best Business Functionality
  • Can be used on Internet for Multiple Properties
  • Email Communications / SMS Intimations to Customers, Suppliers and Sub Contractors
  • Workflow based Document Authorizations
  • Every Business Rule is defined through a Back End Setup
  • Fully Functionally Integrated
  • Cross Level Securities with Password Encryption
  • Menu driven & User Friendly Interface
  • Powerful Search Engine with Advance search facility
  • Ready Interface with Designing Softwares like AutoCAD, E-Plan etc to import BOM
  • In Built Messenger for internal communications
  • Customizable User Desktop
  • Modular & Scalable Adaptability to other Softwares / Applications
  • Supports Figures up to 4 Decimals
  • Conversion of Reports into PDF or MS-Excel for manual manipulation
  • Attach Document Facility with File Management
  • Document Reconciliation Facility
  • Fund Flow Planning Tool
  • What if Analysis?
  • Intelligent Data Entry Interface
  • Profiling & Personalization
  • User Defined Reporting Tool
  • Graph based Comparative Analysis
  • Auto Backup and Recovery Facilities
  • Business Intelligence Tool available for Decision Support System
  • Remote ERP upgradation through Intelligent Service Pack Logic
  • Auto email scheduling of MIS for internal reporting
  • Tally Interface
  • Help available on every screen of ERP

Inquiry Management

  • Prospect Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Force Flash helps is Analyzing the Sales Team
  • Efficiency
  • Opportunities Forecast Reporting
  • Distribution Network Management

Projects & Costing

  • Cost Analysis helps in Finding and Controlling costs of Projects
  • "Project MIS" used to Track Project Profitability
  • Powerful "Copy Projects" feature reduces efforts in creating New Projects

Sub Contracting

  • Helps in tracking both the types of material Raw (issued) as well as
    Semi Finished (expected back) from Sub Contractor


  • “Sales Order Status” helps in finding the exact status of the Order in % and
    allows you to drill down to the Operational Status of the Order
  • Shipping Information can be Tracked in Sales Order
  • Proforma / Commercial / Excise Invoice


  • Real Time Inventory MIS
  • Multi Location Stock Tracking
  • Part Number tracking used to Identify every part uniquely
  • Easy to use, sophisticated Product Search based on wide range of criteria
  • Ability to Capture Images of the Products and Retrieve on Demand
  • User Defined Product characteristics module allows Users to create custom Product
    Characteristics and also attach them with the Products
  • Stock Transfers result in movement of stocks from one location to another
  • Features such as Auto Stock Transfer to Shop Floors and Sub Contractor from GRN
    reduce the daily workload
  • Detail level Stock Register, In-Out Flow Register, Product wise Stock Ledger Available
  • Powerful "Stock Flash" used to Calculate Stocks and Its Valuation for different
    Locations based on Wide Range of Criteria
  • Serialized Inventory Tracking is done in the System


  • Registers required by the Excise Department like RG23, DSA, PLA etc. are available in MIS


  • Sales Projection helps in MRP and Production for Projected Orders
  • "What if Analysis" Tool has capability to find if a New Order can be satisfied within the Required Date or not,
    also does Planning to Execution for a single Customer Order
  • Features Such as Auto Indenting / Purchase Order reduces daily work load
  • PO Follow Ups can be used to keep Track of Open Orders
  • Supports Multiple PO Consolidation
  • Supplier Performance Tracking help in analyzing Good and Bad Suppliers based on Performance Ratings
  • Inventory Forecasting helps to confirm Customer Orders with Future Delivery Dates
  • Supplier Lead Time, Reorder Levels and Delivery Schedule enables the User to order the Raw Material following “Just In Time”
    Principle Purchase Orders can be Amendment and Tracked


  • Quality audits at GRN and every Production steps helps maintain the QC documentation required for Audits
  • Non Conformance/ Rejection use to record the Quality Failures
  • Stage Inspection use to book the Production Failures at WIP


  • Helps in Packing of the Material in Different Packs with Numbering Before Dispatch


  • Service Module can be used to undertake Service Orders for Finished Goods


  • Multi Currency Support
  • Outward Remittance
  • Supports ARE1, Form CT1, RG32, Export Excise Invoice etc.

Production Planning

  • Bill of Material gives the flexibility of making Version and Process Based BOM's
  • Sales Order - BOM Relation helps in managing Customers demands for changes in BOM for WIP Orders
  • Inventory Reachable MIS used to plan the Procurement and Production to Fulfil the confirmed Sales Orders
  • Every Production is Planned and Executed via Production Planning Module
  • Work Order Generation and Tracking, helps in Finding the Sales/Production Order Status
  • Capacity Requirement Planning helps in Best Utilization of the Resources
  • Machine Maintenance Module helps Increasing Life of the Machines with best utilization
  • Weight Based Product Analysis is possible in all the Modules for Raw Material such as Steel etc.
  • Production Efficiency Chart can be used to Analysis the Resource Efficiency
  • Tool Efficiency used to find the Utilization of various Tools used for Production
  • Auto Resource Allocation to Work Orders reduces the efforts in Manual Allocation
  • Production Diary gives a Calendar View of the WIP Orders
  1. Workflow Diagram
  2. Features Of WebStocks ERP
  3. Inquiry Management
  4. Projects & Costing
  5. Sub Contracting
  6. Sales
  7. Inventory
  8. Excise
  9. MRP
  10. QC
  11. Dispatch
  12. Service
  13. Import/Export
  14. Production Planning
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