product manafacturing

Plan the production of your Products better based on your Sales projection and What if Analysis?

Track every stage production cycle for of Work In Progress products

Workflow Diagram


Features Of WebStocks ERP

  • 100% WEB Based ERP
  • No Client Installations (No Maintenance)
  • Fully Customisable Application with Best Business Functionality
  • Can be used on Internet for Multiple Properties
  • Email Communications / SMS Intimations to Customers, Suppliers and Sub Contractors
  • Workflow based Document Authorizations
  • Every Business Rule is defined through a Back End Setup
  • Fully Functionally Integrated
  • Cross Level Securities with Password Encryption
  • Menu driven & User Friendly Interface
  • Powerful Search Engine with Advance search facility
  • Ready Interface with Designing Softwares like AutoCAD, E-Plan etc to import BOM
  • In Built Messenger for internal communications
  • Customizable User Desktop
  • Modular & Scalable Adaptability to other Softwares / Applications
  • Supports Figures up to 4 Decimals
  • Conversion of Reports into PDF or MS-Excel for manual manipulation
  • Attach Document Facility with File Management
  • Document Reconciliation Facility
  • Fund Flow Planning Tool
  • What if Analysis?
  • Intelligent Data Entry Interface
  • Profiling & Personalization
  • User Defined Reporting Tool
  • Graph based Comparative Analysis
  • Auto Backup and Recovery Facilities
  • Business Intelligence Tool available for Decision Support System
  • Remote ERP upgradation through Intelligent Service Pack Logic
  • Auto email scheduling of MIS for internal reporting
  • Tally Interface
  • Help available on every screen of ERP

Inquiry Management

  • Prospect Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Force Flash helps is Analyzing the Sales Team
  • Efficiency
  • Opportunities Forecast Reporting
  • Distribution Network Management

Projects & Costing

  • Cost Analysis helps in Finding and Controlling costs of Projects
  • "Project MIS" used to Track Project Profitability
  • Powerful "Copy Projects" feature reduces efforts in creating New Projects

Sub Contracting

  • Helps in tracking both the types of material Raw (issued) as well as
    Semi Finished (expected back) from Sub Contractor


  • “Sales Order Status” helps in finding the exact status of the Order in % and
    allows you to drill down to the Operational Status of the Order
  • Shipping Information can be Tracked in Sales Order
  • Proforma / Commercial / Excise Invoice


  • Real Time Inventory MIS
  • Multi Location Stock Tracking
  • Part Number tracking used to Identify every part uniquely
  • Easy to use, sophisticated Product Search based on wide range of criteria
  • Ability to Capture Images of the Products and Retrieve on Demand
  • User Defined Product characteristics module allows Users to create custom Product
    Characteristics and also attach them with the Products
  • Stock Transfers result in movement of stocks from one location to another
  • Features such as Auto Stock Transfer to Shop Floors and Sub Contractor from GRN
    reduce the daily workload
  • Detail level Stock Register, In-Out Flow Register, Product wise Stock Ledger Available
  • Powerful "Stock Flash" used to Calculate Stocks and Its Valuation for different
    Locations based on Wide Range of Criteria
  • Serialized Inventory Tracking is done in the System


  • Registers required by the Excise Department like RG23, DSA, PLA etc. are available in MIS


  • Sales Projection helps in MRP and Production for Projected Orders
  • "What if Analysis" Tool has capability to find if a New Order can be satisfied within the Required Date or not,
    also does Planning to Execution for a single Customer Order
  • Features Such as Auto Indenting / Purchase Order reduces daily work load
  • PO Follow Ups can be used to keep Track of Open Orders
  • Supports Multiple PO Consolidation
  • Supplier Performance Tracking help in analyzing Good and Bad Suppliers based on Performance Ratings
  • Inventory Forecasting helps to confirm Customer Orders with Future Delivery Dates
  • Supplier Lead Time, Reorder Levels and Delivery Schedule enables the User to order the Raw Material following “Just In Time”
    Principle Purchase Orders can be Amendment and Tracked


  • Quality audits at GRN and every Production steps helps maintain the QC documentation required for Audits
  • Non Conformance/ Rejection use to record the Quality Failures
  • Stage Inspection use to book the Production Failures at WIP


  • Helps in Packing of the Material in Different Packs with Numbering Before Dispatch


  • Service Module can be used to undertake Service Orders for Finished Goods


  • Multi Currency Support
  • Outward Remittance
  • Supports ARE1, Form CT1, RG32, Export Excise Invoice etc.

Production Planning

  • Bill of Material gives the flexibility of making Version and Process Based BOM's
  • Sales Order - BOM Relation helps in managing Customers demands for changes in BOM for WIP Orders
  • Inventory Reachable MIS used to plan the Procurement and Production to Fulfil the confirmed Sales Orders
  • Every Production is Planned and Executed via Production Planning Module
  • Work Order Generation and Tracking, helps in Finding the Sales/Production Order Status
  • Capacity Requirement Planning helps in Best Utilization of the Resources
  • Machine Maintenance Module helps Increasing Life of the Machines with best utilization
  • Weight Based Product Analysis is possible in all the Modules for Raw Material such as Steel etc.
  • Production Efficiency Chart can be used to Analysis the Resource Efficiency
  • Tool Efficiency used to find the Utilization of various Tools used for Production
  • Auto Resource Allocation to Work Orders reduces the efforts in Manual Allocation
  • Production Diary gives a Calendar View of the WIP Orders
  1. Workflow Diagram
  2. Features Of WebStocks ERP
  3. Inquiry Management
  4. Projects & Costing
  5. Sub Contracting
  6. Sales
  7. Inventory
  8. Excise
  9. MRP
  10. QC
  11. Dispatch
  12. Service
  13. Import/Export
  14. Production Planning
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