WebClub software, helps to manage your Member profiles with electronic card management the members invoicing

WebClub is integrated with all the operational systems of the Club(POS, WebPMS, RMS) providing end-to-end solution to your Club

WebClub :- Club Management System

Sanguine CMS is a Web enabled Club Management software, which helps a Club to manage their Member profiles with electronic card management.

CMS also manages the account details of all the members of a club with invoicing features taking care of the AR (Accounts Receivable) of the Club.

CMS is integrated with all the operational systems of Sanguine (POS, PMS, Retail Magik) providing end-to-end solution for a Club.

Key features of Sanguine CMS

Member Profile Management - allows pre-profile management as well followed with detailed Member Profile. Other Information Module enables user to create user defined fields in Member Profile to capture additional information of their Members.

History of Members is maintained, providing log of editions done in Member Profile.

Member Electronic Card Management with options like Issue, Register, Expiry card.

Member Registration/Guest Entry Module: record the Members footfalls in the club with Guest information, rules can be set to restrict No Of Guests/Member/Month.

Auto billing possible for Guest Charges.

Accounts Receivable:

Charge Processing Modules allows user to define charges based on user formulas, charges like Subscription, Interest, etc. can be build using this module.

Revenue JV Generation for booking revenue from operational systems of the Club in CMS.

Invoice Processing & Printing modules are used to generate Invoices for all the members based on their usage of the club.

Selective invoices can be printed based on the criteria in Invoice printing.

Member Account Details are recorded and displayed whenever required.

Interactive Tools like Debtor Ledger & Debtor Ageing are available to access fast and easy Members Information from any Machine, gives interactive & quick information of the Account Details of the Members.

FIFO Process to knock off the Receipts against the Bills, facility also available while entering individual Receipts. Members Trial Balance makes available Memberwise summary of all Member accounts (Opening Balance, Debit, Credit, and Closing Balance).

Outstanding List provides Memberwise list of defaulter Members, helps in recovering dues.

Member Wise Ageing helps in analyzing the age of Members Outstanding.

User Defined Letters facilitates the users to create mail merge within the system using system parameters.

Label Printing is available for printing labels for all the members based on criteria.

Cash / Bank Book gives details of Cash & Bank Accounts, JV Book used for Journal entry log. Audit Reports available for audit trial.

Account Trial Balance provides group wise summary of all the account heads (Opening Balance, Debit, Credit, and Closing Balance).

ECS Enabled (Electronic Clearance System) help in electronic clearing from the member bank accounts reducing the manual receipt entries.

Email Facility enables users to send system documents like Invoices, User Defined Letters, ECS Reminders etc. to the Club Members via email.

Members Club Usage Tool helps analysis Member spending Membership Class wise, POS wise, Department wise, Age wise etc. Credit Limit Control enables the club to put limits on Members Credit spending.

Kiosk Module For Members where members can check their Balances and account status by swapping their cards.

Web Site Interface data can be transferred to the website so that the information is available on the Net to the members.

Member Web Interface allows the members of the club to login to the website and view their data and also change certain personal information.

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