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Control your Multiple Kitchens from one screen

Display your Items in Local Language (Hindi, Marathi, Kannada..) and Bills in English

Desktop POS

  • Ordering based on tables, rooms, members
  • A la carte, non chargeable, staff & board ordering
  • Order segregation based on covers
  • Course wise ordering
  • Intelligent modifier and add-on prompts
  • Modifiers can be charged or free, pre-defined or free flow
  • Table d'hôte and combo ordering with rules
  • Intelligent remote printing to multiple printers from single location or
    to single printer from multiple locations
  • Billing for tables, orders, members
  • Ad hoc or pre-defined discounting
  • Inclusive and exclusive tax calculation
  • Taxes can be percentage, amount, slab, tax on tax, tax on taxable
  • Bill splitting based on income heads, covers and individual items
  • Voiding of complete or partial bills
  • Settlement using multiple tenders, cash, credit card, company account,
    staff, room, bank, foreign currency, members
  • Home delivery ordering with customer order history, delivery person assignment
  • Voiding of complete or partial orders
  • Advance ordering for future date
  • Cashier management including floats, transfers and withdrawals
  • Blind withdrawal and spot checks for cash tills
  • Menu item inventory management including receipts, returns,
    spoilages and physical count
  • Automatic re-ordering based on inventory
  • Table management including reservations, movements, suspend tables, blocking
  • Income head and cover sales budgeting
  • Heart Beat monitoring tools for viewing sales and staff productivity
  • Powerful Reporting broken into Sales, Cashiering, Audit & Control,
    Performance Benchmarks, Inventory
  • Audit trail for transactions and setups

Head Office Module – Architecture

Mobile POS

Take orders, manage them, manage their delivery on-time, generate bill, reduce cost and more with mobile POS.


Currently this page is under construction.....

Debit Card

Sanguine provides you the ability to build your own in-store Smart Debit Cards of different types.

So we have Fixed Value Cards, Flexi Cards, Complimentary Cards, Privilege Cards and even Debit on Credit that in itself is a contradiction in itself but with the focus clearly on the consumer, anything goes so we provide the same.

We call them Smart Debit as we have converted the humble low cost magnetic swipe card into a secure payment mechanism with the added advantage of reusing the same over and over again to reduce the cost per transaction to the least and smallest insignificant amount over your LAN.

CRM & Promotions

Personalize benefits to your customers by effectively managing your many 'customer touch-points' through loyalty programs and promotions.

Key Features

  • Create combos for guests based on their tastes, preferences, and buying behaviour
  • Customer Profiling â?? go beneath the market noise and touch individual customers by delivering personalized services such as Promotional SMS's, Birthday greetings, etc.
  • Reinforce your promise to your loyal customers by surprising them with Gift vouchers, Discount coupons, etc. leading up to redemption of loyalty schemes
  • Manage 64 varieties of promotional schemes based on different combinations such as product and/or category groups
  • Manage Happy hours/days with proper validations
  • Manage promotions based on customer segments such as corporate,individual,regular etc.
  1. Desktop POS
  2. HO Module
  3. Mobile POS
  4. KDS
  5. Debit Card
  6. CRM - Loyalty
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