An integrated Retail Solution (Sales - Stocks - Purchase - Finance) connecting all the departments of the Stores

Providing an end to end solution for Retail Business


  • Sanguine introduces “Retail Management System”(RMS), a Retail software which has been designed keeping in mind the needs of today’s smart Retailer. RMS has been developed as an easy to use solution, expertly crafted using leading edge technology, designed to face the pressure of today’s demanding Retail environment. RMS is a modular solution having 3 modules POS, MMS & Accounts. RMS has an integrated accounting module, providing end-to-end solution to its Clients. The product has been developed on the .NET platform.
  • How RMS Helps You…
  • Easy to use POS interface 
  • Keeping track of SKU expiry
  • Functionality based security
  • Cutting Cost
  • Avoid over stocking of SKUs
  • VAT enabled
  • Integrated Accounting module
  • Monitors Fast/Slow Moving SKU’s
  • Tracks Suppliers margin
  • Manages Multi- Location Stocks
  • Automated recording of SKUs
  • Can be linked to third party products
  • Better Returns on Investment

  • Batch wise billing with latest barcode technology.
  • Multi Tender Processing For one bill.
  • Hot Key Based Operation.
  • Bill on Hold.
  • Quick Search For SKU.
  • Supplier Barcode/Self Generated Barcode enabled.
  • Complete Security For operations like Discount and Bill Void.

Order Processing.
  • Auto Generated Purchase Order.
  • Manages Multi-Location Stock Inventory.
  • Supplier returns enabled.
  • Shelf wise replenishment tool available.
  • Data interchange between HO branches enabled

Customer Management
  • Can Manage Customer profile
  • Top Spending Customers can be identified.
  • Identify Customer Spends
  • Predefined Grocery list enables easy Order Execution

  • Profitability report for time period.
  • Supplier Performance.
  • Sales Report (Customer/SKU/Manufacturer/Department/Attribute Wise)
  • Daily Collection
  • Stock Register (Multi Location)
  • SKU wise Ageing Analysis
  • Stock Summary
  • SKU wise Ledger
  • Day Cover Report (Inventory Forecasting)
  • Re-Order based on Sales report
  • Transaction audit reports
  • Sales Tool Utility
  • Foot Falls Analysis

Express Check Out

  • Make your cashiers remote using our Android based Express Checking module which uses the Mobiles Camera to scan the barcodes to select the SKU's and remote printer to print the bills.

BarCode Module

  • Bar Code Printing on various BarCode printers
  • Bar Code Scanning for all transactions
  • Batch wise BarCode printing for SKU's
  • Quick Stock Take module using Barcode scanning
  1. RMS
  2. Express Check Out
  3. BarCode Module
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