Sachin Mohite

Managing Director

In conversation with the MD of Sanguine Pvt Ltd!

About Us

We Are The Best in Software Solution Services

We wish to introduce ourselves as, Sanguine Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Software Development Company based out in Pune providing various applications to the Hospitality Industry.

Sanguine Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Business & IT Consulting and Technology Services company. SSSPL is founded with a mission to help its clients augment its IT management capacities with Top Quality consulting help and make decisions in IT to enable the business to succeed. We are in the IT Product business of developing, implementing and supporting large IT installations. We help you by giving objective, unbiased advice in the areas of IT implementation. Our team have extensive experience in the IT industry in the areas of POS Software implementation, Hospitality ERP Implementation and support, IT Governance in India and abroad. To know more about us, you can visit our website which detail our products for various industries.

The story started

Our major USP has being developing cutting edge software products using OPEN SOURCE technologies leaving behind all the dependencies of Operating systems, Databases, Browsers etc.

Sanguine has been into software product development for the almost 12 years and has prestigious accounts like the Play Boy, Gravity, Prems & Swig, Ohris, Dales Eden, 1000 Oaks, Behive, Levit8, Zeleb, The Theka, Unwind, Euriska, Brew59, Levit8, Metro Bakery, Bottle Baash, Stadium etc to name a few.

We also have made international presence in Muscat – Oman, Congo – Africa, Dubai – UAE, Nairobi – Kenya, Lagos – Nigeria etc.

Our basket of products includes Sanguine POS, Mobile POS, Contactless Dining, Dashboard BI App and Sanguine ERP – WebStocks, WebCRM, WebPMS, WebBanquets, WebClub, WebBooks modules.

Our touch based POS solutions developed in JAVA (Open Source) and can be used over Linux, Mac and Windows is an excellent and super-fast application, manages all the billing complexities of the F&B industry.

Sanguine ERP – WebStocks module is an web based application that allows a company or brand to manage its supply chain activities efficiently. As the features are biased towards F&B operations, MMS is apt for hotels and restaurants. Right from indent to purchase, to receiving and finally tracking items’ consumption in finished good, it can manage all major functions efficiently.

WebStocks supports multi-location operations and hence accommodates concepts like central warehouse, kitchen, commissary, etc – so a well spread chain of hotels or restaurants can bank on it for their semi and finished goods movement. Today WebStocks ERP is being used by major chains of India like Rain Forest – Mumbai, Ohris – Hyderabad, Eden Cakes – Mumbai, Chefs Corner – Pune, Ninty Degrees – Mumbai etc. to name a few.

Sanguine ERP – WebPMS module designed for the SMB segment, this is an efficient web based tool to manage rooms, guest preferences and other numerous standard operations including information analysis for the category. The concept of Head Office and unit helps in centrally managing rates and business processes for a chain of hotels. A Central Reservation System enables taking bookings from travel agents and FIT over Internet, and passes them onto a specific property as a reservation. We supply world-class property management solutions to hotels, resorts, serviced apartments, holiday parks and many more. Our software is intuitive, automated and filled with revenue-boosting tools to help your property go further. Our WebPMS is used by Symbiosis, United 21, Gravity, Hotel Surya, Hotel Riya Imperial, Couch & Cheese.

Sanguine ERP – WebCRM module is a Customer management tool used by companies to manage the process of Customer ordering invoicing and dispatch. It also has a tool for production with the concept of recipe management. Highlighted USP’s Customer management with Sales Order, Invoicing, Sales Returns etc. Tax module can be used to create any complex taxes as per business requirements. Easy entries of Invoice, Sales Return etc.

Booking of Customers new sales orders and tracking the same. Modules like Deliver Challan, Proforma Invoice helps in daily operations. Invoice Flash helps in identifying the Revenue Customer wise, Item wise, Group-wise, Sub Group wise, Payment Mode wise etc. Sales Return Flash helps in tracking the material returns Customer wise, Item wise, Group-wise, Sub Group-wise, Region Wise. Direct Integration with Sanguine WebBooks for posting Revenue from Customer Invoices Property wise.

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