Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

A kitchen display system is a digital screen that connects to the restaurant's POS (point-of-sale) system to display order tickets. This approach eliminates the need for handwritten or spoken tickets while also reducing human error and keeping track of the time it takes to make each meal.

  • KDS screens can track the time it takes your kitchen staff to fulfill each ticket. And with Kitchen Reports, you’ll gain valuable insight into which areas you should focus on to streamline processes and further improve kitchen operations.


  • These metrics — like average fulfillment time (by day of the week and time of day) — can help you readily identify your most efficient kitchen staff members, and those who may benefit from additional training. It also gives you the insight you need to effectively anticipate and staff rush hours.
  • For chefs in a busy kitchen, planning ahead makes all the difference for a smooth shift. Knowing they have to prepare 42 wings total, rather than seven individual orders of six wings, alleviates the mental math — and gives your chefs more time to prep and cook the food.
  • Toast’s kitchen display system has an “all-day” display, so rather than having to guess, chefs know exactly how many patties need to be on the grill, how many orders of fries need to be in the fryers, and how many cheese pizzas should be in the oven.

A good KDS allows tickets to be routed directly to specific kitchen screens and prep stations, meaning appetizers and salads sent from the same ticket can automatically be sent to the correct line.


Color-coding tickets makes this even easier, with tickets changing colors when they are not fulfilled within a designated amount of time, keeping your turn time fast and your team accountable.


The routing feature helps your kitchen staff easily keep track of the different tickets they need to address, and prioritize accordingly. You also have the opportunity to increase the number of tickets each chef can fulfill in a given period, and in turn, cut down on your restaurant’s labor costs.


If the kitchen display system is used in a full-service environment and your POS vendor also offers handheld tablets, your servers can get instant notifications on their tablet’s interface when tickets are marked as fulfilled on the KDS.


Instant alerts to servers streamline operations and ensure your guests receive their food as soon as it is ready. In other words, dishes are never delivered cold.


The benefit to paperless is two-fold. First, restaurant kitchen order systems help to reduce food waste by helping your kitchen operations be more focused and efficient, and because they eliminate miscommunication between the front and back of house.


And second, you cut back drastically on your printing costs when you eliminate paper tickets.

With online ordering now more important than ever, you need a way to handle all off-premise orders seamlessly. Orders from your online ordering system can be routed directly to kitchen display screens without requiring a staff member to manually re-enter the order into the POS system.

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